Hasan Yardimci

Postdoctoral Fellow (former)

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Tel: 617-432-6983

Hasan Yardimci

B.S. Physics
Ph.D. Physics
Postdoctoral fellow
Postdoctoral fellow
Group Leader
Bogazici University – Istanbul, TURKEY
The Johns Hopkins University (supervisor, Robert Leheny)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (supervisor, Paul Selvin)
Harvard Medical School (supervisors, Johannes Walter, Antoine van Oijen)
Francis Crick Institute, London
Yardimci, H., Wang, X., Loveland, A.B., Tappin, I., Rudner, D.Z. Hurwitz, J., van Oijen, A.M., Walter, J.C. (2012).
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