Anisa Prasad



2019 – present B.A. Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard College
Awards and Honors
2019 3rd place, International Science and Engineering Fair (Category: Energy – Physical)
2019 National Merit Scholar
2018 Grand Prize, Yale Healthcare Hackathon: Artificial Intelligence Enabling Medicine

Ly, S., Prasad, A., Taft, A., Nagpal, I., Wu, Q., Kroll, H., Afghani, B. (2019). Association Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Osa) And Depression In The Pediatric Population. J Invest Med V67: 67.

Luzzi, S., Sarsam, N., Wang, M., Prasad, A., Pham, T., Afghani, B. (2018). Effectiveness of Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) In Pediatric Patients with Moderate to Severe Eczema: A Literature Review. J Invest Med. 66: 220.

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