Kyle Vrtis



2004-2008 B.S. Chemistry Northern Michigan University
2009-2013 Ph.D. Chemistry Wayne State University (supervisors: Dr. David Rueda and Dr. Louis Romano)
2013-Present Postdoctoral fellow Harvard Medical School (supervisor: Dr. Johannes Walter)
Awards and honors
2012 Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship (WSU)
2013 Outstanding Biological Chemistry Student (WSU)y
2015-Present American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow

Vrtis, K. B., Dewar, J. M., Chistol, G., Wu, R. A., Graham, T. G., Walter, J. C. (2021). Single-strand DNA breaks cause replisome disassembly. Mol Cell. 81(6): 1309-1318.

Vrtis, K.B.*, Markiewicz, R.P., Romano, L.J., Rueda, D. (2013). Carcinogenic DNA adducts induce distinct DNA polymerase binding orientations. Nucleic Acids Research41: 7843-7853.
(NAR cover image)

Vrtis, K. B., Markiewicz, R., Romano, L. J., Rueda, D. (2013). Unveiling DNA Polymerase Synthesis, Proofreading, and Mutagenesis Activities-One Molecule at a Time. Biophysical Journal. 104(2): 176a.

Vrtis, K.B.*, Markiewicz, R.P.*, Rueda, D., and Romano, L.J. (2012). Single-molecule microscopy reveals new insights into nucleotide selection by DNA polymerase I. Nucleic Acids Research40: 7975-7984.
*co-first authors (Featured Article; NAR cover image)